3 NICS, 12 interfaces, separate routing tables?

I have a home server running ProxMox on Debian Stretch with 3 NICs, 4 interfaces a piece.

Why? Let me explain. I would like to use my ProxMox box to simulate multiple networks, simultaneously to aid in my CCNP studies. My wish is to create virtual bridges and attach one or more VMs to a bridge and connect the corresponding physical interface to a real Cisco switch.

Do I need 12 interfaces? No, but I purchased 3, 4 port Intel NICs for a song and I might as well use them. Of course, I am having tons of trouble getting this to work. At first I thought it was Proxmox, but after a little reflection, I think the problem is that I have multiple NICs and, of course, lots of routing issues. I think the solution lies in creating separate routing instances for each NIC, so they can each have their own gateway.

I’ve seen some generic instructions on how to do this, but, of course, it’s not working. Any hints would be much appreciated

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  • Considered using a real network simulator instead of rolling your own? Not that there is anything wrong with that, especially if its for learning stuff. I use gns3 but cisco has two different ones too. Can’t remember the names though. But they shouldn’t be hard to find.

    EDIT: Network Simulator and Packet Tracer

    EDIT2: don’t use debian’s ancient version of gns3