After 12 consecutive non-exaggerated hours of his bullshit…

After 12 consecutive non-exaggerated hours of his bullshit…

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  • The first time I installed Linux, I did not configure my monitor properly for the X11 server, and I was just left with a text login shell. It was my first time ever installing any OS, and I had no idea what I could have done improperly. I just bought RedHat Linux 8 from Staples, because I heard some kids talking about Linux and the screenshots on the box looked cool. This was before I even had the pleasure of finding out there were no drivers for a bunch of my hardware, and that I may even have to compile them by hand (looking at you, fglrx).

    Good on you for sticking with it! There’s more bullshit to deal with going forward, but things will get easier and you will eventually learn to be more resourceful.

  • I’m confused, what’s so difficult in debian?

    Did you do a minimal installation without a DE then install everything on top of it? Even that doesn’t take more than an hour to do.

    So what exactly happened?

  • I’m prepared to get downvoted to oblivion for speaking truth but there’s a bunch of elitists in the community that just can’t seem to believe you could ever hit an undocumented niche issue exclusive to you and your situation especially when this isn’t exactly made a welcoming OS because of people like that who only provide help with things like “read the documentation” when you’ve past the third grade long ago (so you know how to read instructions) and that step of trying to fix it was not only at least 6 hours back but fruitless. They’re always determined it’s your fault and you broke it, and that it’s impossible something bugged out too. I’ve been in situations like this and know the relief of just having a working system after the hours or sometimes even days of pure frustration. Sometimes you end up almost flying blind because there is no documentation for what you’re experiencing. In the end, if you don’t brick it, the feeling of accomplishment is truly something though. There’s probably more to come that you’ll have to problem solve with. I hope it’s easier on you. Don’t let the idiots get to you.