Combination of apt-config triggered by gpgv and apt-key is causing CPU spikes on Debian stretch

`apt-config` is causing high CPU on my system. Sometimes it lasts for a long time and some times for a few minutes. Whenever I hear the high pitch whine from the cooling fan when it triggers I know it is the culprit.

The call tree is `gpgv->gpgv->apt-key->apt-config` and I have some images to show.

The apt-config commands are usually all of them

`apt-config shell ARCHIVE KEY RING_URI | ARCHIVE_KEYRING_URI | GPG | REMOVED_KEYS_APT | MASTER_KEYRING APT | TRUSTEDFILE` and others I probably haven’t caught yet in `htop`

Is it a known problem? Is there something missing on my system.

Wide view


Closeup view


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