Confirming the use of an RX570 with 8GB VRAM under Debian 9

My RX570 I recently purchased works fine with Debian 9.

In order to get it work you will have to edit your sourcelist like so:

(as root)

`nano /etc/apt/sources.list`

and add “contrib” and “non-free” to your mirrors.


After that do

`apt-get install firmware-linux-free firmware-linux-nonfree`

and restart.

You will need the amdgpu, but on a newer installation this should be already installed.

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  • Yeah. But were u on the stable version and tried to install some newer Mesa packages then those old shitty version 13?
    It actually works fine. Nothing to say against. But as I tried to install newer stuff now I did really fuck up my system as i wanted to install proton for running steam windows games…
    However… I am sorry to now admit that I’ll switch to Ubuntu for more comfort 🤭

  • I don’t see an issue with that. If you want a more automated Linux, try Ubuntu but it still won’t install that stuff be default. You will still have to tell Ubuntu you want to use Additional Drivers.