Debian 10 installer fails to boot if NVMe drives present

I posted a week or 2 ago but knowing how Reddit works I suspect it’s buried, so now that I’ve got some extra info I figured I’d see if anyone had any extra advice. I’m currently in the process of reconfiguring an existing system to boot off of new SSDs (I’m eager to do this because it is currently running off of salvage SSDs). The system is running perfectly in it’s pre-upgrade configuration with a fully up to date Debian 10 install. After installing the new NVMe drives and attempting to boot the installer the system reaches the “Detecting CD-ROM” stage and hard crashes, accepting no input of any kind and just sitting at 0% forever. If I take the NVMe drives out and change nothing else the system then boots successfully with the installer past this step. Worthwhile noting that boot also hangs if I try and boot the existing install with the NVMe drives present. My understanding is that Debian does support NVMe drives, so is there anything I can do to try and get up and running? For what it’s worth the NVMe drives are WD Blue SN500 units

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  • This doesn’t solve your problem, but just as a data point I can report that I recently ran the Debian 10 installer on a system with a Samsung NMVe drive without a problem.

  • not sure if you got it fixed yet. ive done a few installs with nvme drives and havent had an issue. some motherboards share data lanes between the sata ports and m.2 ports. im wondering if you have them all plugged into the same lane. if possible check your mobo manual and see if there is any restriction. its a fairly common thing