debian and wireless firmware files

Sorry if this has been asked over and over and if I’m missing something painfully obvious but I’m pretty new to Debian and currently pulling my hair out over this

So I’m trying to install 9.7 on my laptop and everytime I boot into my USB stick I get [this]( error. I’ve tried the regular install image, the netinst image, the live KDE image and the unofficial firmware netinst image and they all got that same error during install.

I can complete the install and hook up to ethernet if I need to download files for the machine on the machine if needed.

I’ve tried to look for the files online and I was only able to retrieve 3168-22. I’ve had a kubuntu installation before that I copied all of the wifi firmware files over to prepare for something like this but of course it doesn’t have the needed files.

I’m rocking an HP 255 G6 with an Intel Dual-band Wireless AC 3168.

Preferably I’d like to use my live KDE CD for the sake of time but like I said I’m able to hook up to ethernet so netinst is still an option


Thanks in advance and like I said I’m new Debian and problem fixing and used to having *buntu hold my hand through things like these – I’m willing to learn!

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