Does anyone else deal with a sort of “FOMO” being on a stable release?

Let’s get this out of the way first, I cringed a little typing FOMO too. Don’t hate.

But what I mean is this, overall I really like more stable releases. I have a lot going on in my life and get limited time to get work (or play) done on my computer, so having to spend half of that installing updates, potentially rebooting, etc. can be a real hassle.

But, sometimes I’m left wondering if somehow newer software would be better somehow. Maybe better battery life from a newer kernel, maybe better framerates from a newer Mesa, maybe some feature or bug fix for my desktop of choice.

It’s kind of silly because obviously when the “old” version was released it was super cool and everyone wanted it. And at the same time you’re late to new features you’re protected from regressions as well (vgaswitcheroo to turn off my Nvidia card in new kernels doesn’t work, and I’m pretty sure it did with Buster, I need to double check).

Anyway, I’m just trying to make up my mind whether to quit hopping between Fedora and non-LTS Ubuntu and just install Debian again.

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