I need help with ndiswrapper.

So last night I dual-booted Debian with my installation of windows. My computer doesn’t have a wireless card, so I use a A6200 network dongle from Netgear, and it works pretty well. When I installed Debian last night, I used the xfce installer from the site, and was unable to use a network connection during the installer to download packages for the package manager.

So basically, A6200 doesn’t have a Linux driver, so you have to install the .inf file with ndiswrapper. When I do this, it installs, and it shows the hardware as present, but under the network menu I can’t see any wireless hotspots.

All the forum pages I’ve seen has showed that this method works perfectly fine on most people’s computers, so I’m tearing my hear out as to why it isn’t working on mine.

TL;DR – When I use ndiswrapper to install the .inf file for my A6200 Netgear dongle, wifi hotspots don’t show up.

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