Making Windows 10 USB help

I recently got a computer from a friend who has been using Kali, I am trying to make a Windows 10 drive to wipe the computer.

I’ve already got the iso from Microsoft and tried the disk utility and I found a dd command also but I can’t seem to get either to work. The disk application makes the USB but it’s in a UDF format and won’t let me boot into it.

I’m kind of stuck and hoping someone could help, I don’t really have any experience in Linux

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  • I don’t know specifics about the iso Windows distributes, and here’s the obligatory “Don’t install Windows” remark, but the general process for flashing an iso onto a USB stick is the following.

    1. Open a terminal

    2. Plug in the stick

    3. Run

    $ sudo fdisk -l

    4. Look at the output, it lists your storage devices and their corresponding files in the filesystem: `/dev/sdX`, where `X` is a, b, c and so on. Figure out which one is for your stick. Make sure you get it right, because if you use the wrong file you may end up overwriting important data.

    5. Make sure you don’t need anything that’s on the USB stick

    6. Make sure your stick is unmounted: Run

    $ sudo umount /dev/sdX

    7. Run

    $ sudo dd bs=1M if=path/to/windows.iso of=/dev/sdX status=progress && sudo sync

    8. Wait for everything to complete (That means wait until your terminal shows a prompt again) before you unplug the USB stick or reboot

    9. Boot into BIOS, select the USB stick as the primary boot device, and boot from it