New to Debian a few questions

Does debian os allow you to use tor, pgp, and does it allow you to surf anonymously? Does it come with a vpn? and how does it compare to something like tails?

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  • 1) Yes you can use tor and pgp to surf anonymously. Those are just programs that you install and configure.
    2) No. You can install a VPN client software to connect to a commercial VPN (say PrivateInternetAccess).
    3) Tails is better for anonymity as you don’t have to install anything on your system to use it. But if you’re planning to use this every day and want to have file persistence then Debian can do that.

  • TAILS is based on a Debian Live OS, but they aren’t exactly the same. You can install TOR and connect to VPNs on Debian however you have to set it up yourself. GPG is native with Linux/GNU and you can set up Debian to run just like TAILS if you want, although it wouldn’t have the untracebility.