Should I also upgrade linux-headers to backports if using linux-image from backports? I compile things, incl. Android.

Should I upgrade the following packages to backports if I upgraded linux-image-amd64 to backports?





I compile things, incl. whole Android OS and need linux-image from backports for Coffee Lake support, but wonder if I also need anything for it to work stable, including compiling things. linux-headers aren’t updated together with linux-image and I’m not sure it’s a good idea to mix old headers with new image. I don’t really care about new features, just doing this the good practice way. Anyone knowledgeable about this stuff here?

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  • It depends on you specific case. Unless you are compiling drivers or kernel modules, don’t worry too much until a particular need for them appear.


    Also, the packages you mentioned are just meta-packages. The actual packages and their contents go to different folders in the system. Don’t worry about mixing them.