Sid: Help with apt-listbugs & apt-listchanges messages/ reports

Installed Sid on an old T43 (from a Stretch net-install) everything Ok, etc. After the installation, added apt-listbugs & apt-listchanges to stay on top of possible problems.
My doubt is related to the messages that those two programs provide, for instance, a couple of day ago after doing a ‘sudo apt update’ & ‘sudo apt upgrade’, those listed that there was an update for Chromium, but apt-listbugs & apt-listchanges reported that there were problems with:

Retrieving bug reports… Done
Parsing Found/ fixed information… Done
seriuos bugs of chromium (version follows) <Outstanding>
b1 – #930469 – chromium: Insta-segfault on start

[Here]( is a picture I took of the above error message.

Nevertheless, since this a testing laptop, went ahead and installed the Chromium update and I did not had a single issue with it afterwards.
Am I wrong or there was a report that running Chromium produced a segfault? If so, why it affect my particular Chromium at all?

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  • Not everything apt-listbugs reports will apply to you. It will also offer you the opportunity to read the bug report (I think you have to have `reportbug` installed for this but it is handy).

    I have apt-listbugs configured to report important and higher bugs instead of the default serious or higher; I get a lot more output but I get a lot more information also 🙂

    I think the purpose of apt-listbugs is to help you make an informed decision; it’s still your responsibility to read the bug report and make that decision. If you feel the bug doesn’t apply to you have at it 🙂

    That same chromium package threw an “important” bug about incognito mode not working; since I don’t use incognito mode I read the bug report and installed anyway.

    The `#930469` is the number of the bug report so yeah – I’d imagine there was a bug filed against it 🙂