Will Debian ever replace systemd with something else?

I mean, systemd is a very unstable peace of crap and should not be in a stable distro. Why maintainers still power Debian by systemd? Replacing systemd would make Debian more stable.

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  • You’re either trying to start a flame war (bad OP…BAD), or you’ve simply read a bunch of text wall blog spam and been misinformed. There are some very valid reasons why some folks hate on systemd. Its overall stability isn’t really one of them.

    That said, it is not likely that Debian will move from systemd any time in the near future. If you’re adamant about not using it, there is a fork of the Debian project (not supported here) that does not use it. Feel free to look for it on your favorite search engine.

  • Debian would be a much better distribution if they would support one init system well — instead of going for a “we support everything poorly” approach.

    I doubt it matters whether that init is systemd or something else.

    Debian’s systemd setup is very quirky since it has to accommodate so much non-systemd crap that they need to keep around to not break less capable init systems.

  • Systemd has grown to a size, by replacing other technology, that it’s impossible to remove. If it was a less expansive thing, we could think about replacing it.

    We can hope systemd evolves into a sentient lifeform, or maybe into a nanomachine intelligence, then we will have the option of becoming one with the greater systemd.

  • If you need Debian but without systemd (except for at most the libsystemd0 libs) the sanest approach is probably using Antix’s “nosystemd“ repo. Not much point in switching out to a whole different fork that has a somewhat different update pace and is also “not supported here” lol.

    As for Debian, they have made a number of weird data integrity and system integrity choices over the last few years (injecting MariaDB on the “mysql“ name, keeping a profile-breaking update on “firefox-esr“ with the same name, replacing the init system of sysvinit machines on dist-upgrade are the three that most come to mind) that I think Debian as a project prefers to just ship things out to get “up to speed” with the trendy distros and let the users deal with the problems beta-tester style, like what Ubuntu does.

  • Hi all,
    I’m not an expert about systemd..just.
    If a great number of users dislike it, several bugs and several security problems why developer adopt it?