xfce4: Allow user to suspend laptop… how?

Hmmm, years ago (bout 4-5) I managed to configure my old laptop in a way to enable the user logged in to suspend or shutdown the laptop. Now I have a new one, fresh, clean install and guess what… I haven’t got a clue how I fixed the suspend issue years ago.

Any tips what is needed to enable this feature? I have polkit-1 on the old laptop and not on the new one, is that the software that manages this?

Both systems started as a clean, expert install with minimal additional software. (no recommends/suggests for apt)

Edit: Solution, policykit-1 is needed to allow the laptop being suspended or shutdown by regular users, when they are placed in the correct group. The rest is already dependent of the desktop environment (xfce4 or kde), this package is not included in the dependencies, probably a recommended package. (which I don’t install automagically via apt, as that’ll result in way more junk then I ever need… except for this one package)

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