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As can be seen from [this screenshot](https://imgur.com/a/BOTTihs), I use three browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Chromium. I do this to arrange my workflow, with Firefox handling important stuff, Chrome handling YouTube and Chromium handling Reddit. All of a sudden Chromium is unable to access the internet and I’m clueless as to why that’s the case. It’s confusing because I didn’t change anything, and besides, Firefox and Chrome can still access the internet and load web pages without any issues. What may have caused this and how can I resolve it? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chromium to no avail.

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  • Did you test other websites with chromium when that happened?
    Did you check reddit with one of the otehr browser while that happened?
    It could have been a reddit problem at that time.

    Do you have any extension installed for chromium?

    Try to start it from a terminal with


    maybe there will be some text output that gives a clue.