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DGWropTx0r9qZasrx4DBOI34qd9bROVyeuyDscLMzm8 - Start App as a Service

I am new to Linux and running a home automation server on Ubuntu. I setup this app (link below) and since it is not a service, the app dies at restart. How can i get this to run as a service? I assume i should be using systemd to do so. Just dont know what the .service file should include and i dont know where the cast-web-api execution path is.

Application install / link – [https://vervallsweg.github.io/cast-web/installation-cast-web-api/](https://vervallsweg.github.io/cast-web/installation-cast-web-api/) (expand the mac OS section further down the page)

Sorry in advance. Im a 20 year+ Windows guy. Dont kill me ha ha.

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  • And i got it!


    for those that are find this in a search someday. I dont know anything about linux and there could be bad advise or possible security issues with this. I flat out dont know.

    I created a file named cast-web-api@yourusername.service (use your actual username) and placed it in /etc/systemd/system. Here are the details of the file. I took this from the home automation platform’s installation instructions and replaced the execution path. nameit=whatever name you want for it. I was able to get the execution path when i ran the forever start command in my original link. It spit that out at the end and i was like BINGO!!

    After creating the file i ran the following .

    Make it executable:

    chmod u+x /path/to/spark/sbin/start-all.sh

    Start it:

    sudo systemctl start myfirst


    Enable it to run at boot:

    sudo systemctl enable myfirst


    Stop it:

    sudo systemctl stop myfirst


    I then rebooted. Again the file i created containes the info below.


    File Contents


    Type=simple User=%i