This shouldn’t be released

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yr9duLCY2 8Oyt93bjggElLOq8jBRtiDi 6aTC4joNw - This shouldn't be released

I just spend a day setting up my workstation because wayland + nvidia 418 (which apparently got tested – i doubt that) just won’t boot. I don’t know how anyone could think it’s a good idea to release a system that won’t boot after a new installation and clicking update.

So if anyone else tries to get Ubuntu to boot just disable wayland:


apparently it is a well known problem, but it’s really hard to figure out what to google when all you have to work with is a black screen.

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  • In vanilla ubuntu, x.org is default instead of wayland to ensure usable software for everyone.

    Only thing canonical did wrong was not disabling wayland completely when nvidia proprietary driver is used.

  • so they should hold back a release because a 3rd party driver refuses to support a non-default graphics stack for some gpu’s? Perhaps they should have disabled setting this particular combination, but every release ships with issues on some setups.

    Rather than staring at a blank screen, you could always reboot with the Nouveau driver and have a useable system.

  • Wayland isn’t something that you disable.

    It’s something that you ENable.

    It’s largely a WIP and doesn’t work with certain drivers (to no fault of its own, I should say), hence why it’s not enabled by default.