will Ubuntu ISO ever be 5GB?

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A friend of mine wanted me to install Windows 10 on a VM so I can play an online game with him, the game (which I forgot the name of) only works on Windows, but when I went to download the ISO from [Microsoft’s website](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO), the file size on the ISO was 5GB, wow, playing the game with my friend wasn’t worth a 5GB download, meanwhile, Ubuntu’s ISO is 2GB only.

Will Ubuntu ever be as bloated as Windows, I hope not.

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  • No chance. Fitting on a DVD is important, and much of the software on images will need to be immediately replaced with updated packages as soon as you’re connected.

    It’s not that easy to fill a dvd either, Ubuntu would have to cram multiple desktops/editions and all languages into one iso (kde, gnome, mate, xfce…). Doing a netinstall and retaining a local cache would save you a lot more bandwidth than using a soon to be outdated disc image.