Slackware Going for PAM

It has been requested by many people in the past, many debates have been sprung due to this discussions, and finally in 2020 Patrick is taking PAM in -current (still in /testing for now, but hopefully will be merged in the main tree in the next few days or hours). It’s a long journey to get PAM  gets included and some people have been working on this as a side project, namely Vincent Batts, Robby Workman, and Ivandi. Their work is finally paid off and next Slackware release will have PAM support out-of-the-box, so people in the corporate can start working on AD (Active Directory) on top of Slackware.

I have been providing PAM support in my CSB project, but it’s only needed to be present and it doesn’t get linked to other packages outside CSB project. With real PAM support in core Slackware, some packages in CSB will be removed soon and Slackware should get real PAM support.

PAM is down, next one we are looking for is the new XFCE 4.14 and Plasma 5.18 LTS along with the new UPower for mate-power-manager. I’m looking forward for next big update in -current tree for the next few weeks. It’s gonna make your adrenalin pumped!!!

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