One of the easiest ways to make money in the mail order business is to sell information folios to opportunity seekers. You can buy folios in large quantities at fantastic wholesale prices. Or, you can let your supplier dropship your orders for you.

Often, as with the report you are now reading, you can purchase an entire set of folios complete with the reprint rights. You advertise individual reports or the complete set. When you recieve an order you copy the report from the master set you purchased and send them out to the buyer. Viola! You are an instant publisher with a ready-made line of products.

If you make direct mailings of other offers to opportunity seekers, simply enclose a few extra circulars offering your folios for sale. Whether you write your own reports or purchase them from another source, your folios should contain valid, worthwhile money-making information. If you can provide up-to-date, interesting information reports, then sit back and watch the orders come pouring in!

You can also run ads in large mass circulation magazines that carry classified advertising sections. There are dozens of newsstand publications that are ideal for folio selling. The most successful advertisers offer “free details”, never asking for payment in their ads. When they receive inquiries, they mail out quality-printed, professionally written sales material describing the folios they are selling. If you use this method, get in the habit of answering every inquiry quickly by return mail. The person who wrote to you is waiting for your sales literature. Get it to him as quickly as possible and turn him from a prospect into a buyer!

To give you an idea of what kind of ads folio dealers run, here are a few samples that are currently running in large circulation magazines:

Establish a successful mail order business. Write…

Earn big profits in your own mail order business. Free details!

Start your own home mail order business. Complete money-making report. Free!

Write your own brief, to-the-point ad; run it continuously for several months,. You will be swamped with requests for your literature! If you purchase a set of reports and reprint rights from another dealer, most will supply sales literature that you can have printed with your name and address on it. Simply mail out a copy of this literature to every inquiry you receive.

You will make more money by running one ad in three consecutive issues of a publication rather than if you run one ad once in three different publications. Also, you should plan to make several mailings to each person who writes to you. Many people put aside your sales literature when they receive it, and only order when they are reminded by a follow-up mailing. You have to keep plugging away at potential buyers. But in the end, it can pay off big. Plan on mailing to prospects three or four times. If they fail to purchase after that, remove their name from your prospect mailing list.

If you are new at mail order selling, you should first write to several dealers running ads similar to those listed above. Study their advertising packets very carefully. What exactly are they offering? What is the price? Does the ad appeal to you? Why? Could you produce something similar on your own? Did it arrive promptly? Learn from what other dealers in the business are doing. Copy the positive aspects of their program and incorporate them into your offer.

There are many reliable, well established publishing houses which specialize in printing folios for opportunity seekers. Their folios are well-printed and offer very good information to those who purchase them. These dealers will sell you titles complete with reprint rights or in small wholesale quantities so that you can ship your own orders. They also run very efficient dropship services.

Most dealers also can provide you with full-page circulars that you can reproduce for yourself at a quick print shop. Experiment by using several different colors of paper for your circulars. Perhaps one color will sell a certain series of reports better than another. Long-term testing of different mailing packages can provide you with results that can increase your future profits.

As your folio business increases, you can add similar products to your line. Mail order enthusiasts enjoy purchasing books and cassettes related to direct mail selling. There are many large distributors of mail order books and materials.You can buy their titles in wholesale quantities, receiving discounts of 50% or more off the retail price. Most will dropship orders for you if you prefer. This is a great way to make additional profits with little or no additional investment. The best companies will also provide you with master copies of advertising circulars free of charge. You can reproduce these camera-ready copies, inserting your name and address into the order coupon.

The sale of mail order folios is one of the oldest types of mail order businesses. Yet, it remains one of the best. As consumer trends and technology change, the wide-range of possible folio topics skyrockets, leaving the watchful businessman an opportunity to jump into the niche and meet the consumer’s need for new information — and make a profit at the same time! You can begin to sell folios by mail. Now is the time to begin! Start today!


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