• Do be creative and write down the things you think about.
  • Don’t worry about the word count until you have edited your creativity.
  • Do key your advertisements.
  • Don’t confuse your postmaster. Check before messing with your address!
  • Do look at other’s ads and research to see if they were in past issues.
  • Don’t steal their ad. However, you can use the format. Such as:
    Are you too fat? Get rid of it Now! to Is your Car Embarrassing? Call us Now.
  • Do test your ads as much as possible.
  • Don’t keep an ad that pulled that quit pulling in the same classifieds, switch around.
  • Do put your ad in the proper area for you ad that fits the best.
  • Don’t make it ALL CAPS.
  • Do use the word YOU whenever you can.
  • Don’t use I or we much, basically people are interested in themselves, not you.
  • Do find bonuses to give for free.
  • Don’t let the bonuses outshine your product.
  • Do give a guarantee!
  • Don’t give up.

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