In this tutorial, you will learn how to step up your Gmail Account with a .NET passport to allow you to log in to MSN messenger and any .net passport-supported website.

What you will need

* A Gmail Account – as these are only obtainable via invitation, I assume you already have one.

* Msn Messenger / Windows Messenger – used to verify your Gmail account.

Once you have downloaded/obtained all of these, you are ready to continue.

1. log in to your Gmail account via –

once you are logged in, minimize this internet browser window ( convenient or later on )

2. load up MSN messenger and cancel any automatic sign-in attempt so that you have it ready to sign in with your Gmail account later on.

2. you will need to visit the Microsoft .Net Passport website –

3. now, you will need to click on the register for your free .net passport today button in the top right-hand corner of the page. You can’t miss it; it’s huge

4. that will take you to a registration page. Fill in the form as you would if you were filling a Hotmail account accept when asked for your email account, you would enter

5. once the registration of your .NET registered Gmail account has been made, you would need to sign in to MSN messenger using this newly registered account. Then you will notice that when you sign in to messenger, your messenger name will be (unverified ). You won’t be able to change it; this is solved below.

6. as soon as you have signed in, a message will appear in an information box (the same as when a contact signs in), click on this, and you will be taken through the process of Verifying your account the reason you have to go through this is that at current Gmail is not affiliated with .net passport e.g .net passport do sent recognize the as a valid email provider, therefore, they cannot automatically verify your account ( Hotmail and MSN auto verify as there .net passport affiliated websites),

7. once u have been taken through the verification process, you will be asked to log in to your email account and visit the URL given in an email from the .net passport verification service, maximize the internet browser window that you signed in to Gmail on earlier, you will have two emails from .net passport the first will be welcoming you to .net passport, the second will be the one we are after, the verification email, open this up find the URL to finish verifying your email address ( usually its either the first to this URL in the email)

8. once you have completed these actions and you have been told that your Gmail account is verified, signed out of MSN messenger, then sign back in ( you don’t need to wait for any period sign out then straight back in again), you will now notice the (not verified) label has been removed from your MSN name, and now you can change their name to, if this is so m, then congratulations you now have a fully functioning .net passport Gmail account ( you cannot access your Gmail email account via MSN messenger you will still have to visit the Gmail login page for this )

9. if for any reason this did not work, and you again receive the message asking you to verify, or you haven’t received your verification email from .NETpassport, then re-try steps 2 – 7, un till you get it working correctly.

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