TOOLS YOU WILL NEED (ADOBE AUDITION) in your Grand Theft Auto Vice City / Audio folder you will see a bunch of mp3’s

You wanna find

stripa.mp3 (short clip only needs to be half of a song)

Open a few songs for each clip you want to make.. (fade the beginning or end of the songs if you want to) and open multitrack view.. you can have them fade into eachother. once you have the multitrack session finished go to “FILE” then “SAVE MIXDOWN AS”

You want to save as a 128k 32000 Hz MONO FIle (the same type as the originals) but normal internet 128k 44.1 stereo should work also.. just save as say malibu.mp3 and then replace the one in your audio folder for the one you created.

When i walk into the Malibu i hear david banner and lil’ jon singing


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