The internet is full of opportunities; you can undoubtedly earn huge on the internet. But you have to gain proper knowledge and trust me it’s not that difficult to accumulate on the internet. Even a school going can earn. Learning how to earn online is like taking a college degree, but once you get the idea. Boom goes dynamite.. it will change your life forever.

Imagine thousands of dollars per day by doing little work on the internet. After becoming a full-time internet marketer, you can leave your 9 to 5 job. I am telling you this because I am already earning a good amount of money. So please make that amount of money too—work from anywhere. It would help if you had a laptop with an internet connection, tools, and proper knowledge. 

In this book, I will try to teach you some secret tricks that you can apply just after reading this book, and trust me; you will be earning from tomorrow for sure. Even a stupid guy can do it. It’s that simple. If you can buy this E-book, you can make it with my tricks. 

Earning with Websites and article writing

You can earn a good amount of money with article writing on the websites. Know your field of interest, write some small articles, and put them on your website. Make a habit of blog posting. Blogs earn a considerable amount nowadays. Select a niche (niche = a particular topic) and advertise it on social networking sites. If your contents are original and sound, you can quickly get users, and they will visit your website regularly. Make a good connection with them, and once you get enough visitors. Try to charge for your services. Like, provide some particular articles or 10 to 20 dollars. For example, “Buy my latest and more detailed article for 10 dollars” is how you will make $500 to $1000 per day. That’s just a standard idea. I don’t know you personally so I can’t tell how much you can make. Maybe you don’t even know how to turn on a computer. But if you are a little clever, you can make that much money within a short period. Don’t go for paid website for now. There are so many free website-making companies on the internet. You can make your website within 5 minutes or try to write blogs on bloggers.


Fiverr is a marketplace of professionals where people do things for 5 dollars. From logo designing to video ads, dancing videos, writing articles, etc., look at, so start with anything like designing a logo, writing an essay for a product, or just anything. Logo designing is not that difficult; all you need is a 10 minutes lesson from youtube on making a logo with your favorite image editor. It does not matter photoshop, photoscape, or whatever. 

So you might be thinking only five bucks ?? yes, suppose you get 100 orders daily. That means 

30×100= $3000 a month.

Once you get the idea of logo designing, it will become a job of two minutes.


Are you an entertainer or just very good at speaking and acting? Do you have something to show to the world? Anything that will make you different from others. Show it to the people on Youtube and get paid for your views. Many YouTubers are earning vast amounts of money from Youtube.

A video of a kid playing with his parents and dancing, doing funny actions earned millions of dollars. This platform is compelling in making money by just doing things from the camera. You can start online classes for anything, cooking videos, language classes, teaching how to paint, do this, etc. Anything that makes others’ life simple, we combine the ideas and earns. Simple as that.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online without investing money. you have to promote someone’s product, and if anyone buys from your promotion, you will get a commission. eBay, Amazon, and almost all the big E-commerce websites provide affiliate membership without any fee.

Go to your social network profile and promote some products and when they buy. You get money.

Take an example of a mobile phone handset. Make a video about a particular mobile handset, tell people about its features, and put an affiliate link in the description. And tell them, “If you want to buy this phone, there is a link below” people will buy, and you get paid for every sale made by your link.

Making websites

Making a website is not a difficult task nowadays; you can learn it within a day. It’s a drag-and-drop process. Try to gain knowledge; the more you know, the more you earn. So try to learn things, and trust me, these things are not that difficult if you are willing to learn them seriously. My stupid friend, a truck driver who knows nothing about these things, is earning with a website-making business—almost five grand a month.

After learning how to make websites, promote your services on the business Facebook groups. There are many people nowadays who are looking for such people. And they want websites. There you go.

You can earn about $600 per website. It is vast when you see it every month.

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