HOW TO GET MORTGAGE ASSISTANCE: Those eligible are families and businesses displaced by H.U.D. Programs, a fund for low-income families, and low credit risk family loans. For more information, write to: Federal Housing Administration, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC 20410.

Earn money selling magazines by telephone: You can also sell direct or by mail. The magazine agencies listed below will send you all the information you need to sell magazine subscriptions. Write to them for details if you are interested.

     McGregor Magazine Agency, Mount Morris, IL 61054

     Franklin Square Subscription Agency, 545 Cedar Ln., Teaneck, NJ 07666

     Crowley, 330 E. 204th St., Bronx, NY 1O467

     The Agency Bureau, 250 W. 55th St., New York, NY 10019


This handy booklet can save you more dollars, and it can also decrease the profits of loan coordinators. For a free copy, write Credit Shopping Guide, Federal Trade Commission, D & D Branch, Washington, DC 20580.

IMPROVE YOUR HOME on your own, inexpensively. For a free book on home improvement, please write Ideas for the Home Craftsman, Shar Escudero, Circulation Manager, Western Wood Products Association, 1500 Yeon Building, Portland, OR 97204.

FREE INFORMATION for seniors on how to save money in whatever you do. For your free information, write: National Council of Senior Citizens, 1511 K.Street N.N. Washington, DC 20005.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN HOME BREW this report is presented as information only. The author is not responsible if this recipe is so pleasing that you drink the brew excessively. The necessary ingredients are usually available from most markets. The bottle capper and caps may be found at most hardware stores. You will also need a crock, about 10 gallons, and a hydrometer of the type designed for brewing. The purpose of the hydrometer is to determine when the sugar content of the mix is less than 1%. It will float on top of the mixture for about 3 or 4 days, and when it sinks, you are ready to bottle the brew. You will need a collection of empty bottles – the quart size is best. Be sure they are SUPER clean. Ingredients: malt – 2cups, sugar – 5cups, Yeast – 1tbs, water – 3 Gallons. For a darker color, add more malt. For stronger flavor, add more sugar and a small number of brewer’s hops. The least to the author, the BEST flavor is to use 3 cups of superfine sugar and 3 cups of brown sugar. This gives about 18% by volume – 36 proof. Heat about 2 quarts of water and dissolve the malt syrup. Add the sugar and stir until it is dissolved. Let the mix boil for several minutes, then pour into the crock and add the water balance. If you use hops, wrap them in cheesecloth and hang them in the mix. Wait about three hours and skim off foam.

Place the hydrometer in the mix, and from this point on, keep your eye on it. It will sink in about three days or so, and you are ready to bottle. The best way to bottle is a small siphon hose. Try NOT to disturb the mix. Slowly place the hose about one inch from the bottom and start the siphon action. As each bottle is filled about one inch from the top, pinch the hose to stop the flow and then release and load the following bottles and let them age – at least 10 days and 30 days is better. The very best flavor comes after about 3 months. If you are smart – start another batch immediately as you will want to start drinking the first one almost immediately. And remember – Don’t Blame Me If You Drink Too Much!

HOW TO GET 300% MORE INTEREST FROM YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT: If two banks pay interest semi-annually, do both banks pay the same claim? If you thought that both banks paid the same amount of interest, then you are wrong. The amount of interest banks pay depends on their bookkeeping practices. A subtle difference in these practices can mean a 300% earnings difference! Here’s why. One bank could pay 5.4% interest from the day of deposit on the minimum balance held in the account over 6 months. Another bank may pay 5.4% interest from the average balance in the fund over the same period.

INFORMATION ON OIL LEASES YOU CAN WIN. The U.S. Government holds public drawings every month for thousands of acres of government-owned land. The government sets bid prices as low as $10 for as much as 2,300 acres of land. On some panels of grounds, there are no bidders, which can make you an automatic winner. Send now for your free information on government oil leases. U.S. Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, Washington, DC 20204.

HOW U.S. GOV’T WILL LEND YOU $15,000 WITHOUT COLLATERAL. The U.S. Small Business Administration will provide capital to start a reputable small new business at reasonable terms. Loans range from $200 to $100,000 – and this financing opportunity is available to anyone wanting to start a small new business up to $15,000 based on a GOOD REPUTATION only – with NO collateral needed. Get complete FREE information from the nearest U.S. Small Business Administration Office. Write: S.B.A., Washington, DC. They can send you the loan application.

GET UP TO ONE MILLION LIFE INSURANCE WITH NO CASH. Contact: Bridge Capital Corp. 140 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, NY 11501. This firm claims they can place Life Insurance Policies with nationally recognized companies. You pay NO cash but exchange your surplus inventory or services or unregistered stock, furniture, lots of different products, and other items. Services, etc.

GET AN EXPENSIVE MANSION WITHOUT CASH. Set-up your own corporation: now look for expensive Homes for sale or contact real estate offices – sign note for a corporation for yearly rental – with probable option to buy later – move in if the note is for 90 days, you may not have to pay rent or start small monthly payments-if necessary – if you want to keep the house and buy it, go to the original owner, offer a lower price than initially mentioned – or pay cash for a lower price with a stock of a corporation for the balance – get a loan from the Savings & Loan for the lower price. Or do this: become a “house-sitter” – live in a luxury home for the homeowner who may be away traveling for months – if you live in a large city, you can probably get ALL YEAR FREE rent by simply “house-sitting” for different home owners and using names of previous clients as references.

HOW TO BUY A HOME INEXPENSIVELY: The first thing you should do is study the area you plan to buy a house in and see how many homes are selling for in that area. Before closing the deal, it is always essential to have a building inspector check over the house’s structural foundation and mechanical systems. An uncontrollable emotional display of attachment to the place you are looking at ruins all successful negotiations. When you find a home that you really won’t walk through the house very quickly. The impression you should give the person showing you the home is that you are pretty boarded at that home. Mention features or qualities that the house lacks and indicate that the place would not be suitable for your purposes even if the price was lower. The next step is to send in friends and relatives to look at the property. They try to be even more critical of the house’s negative features (small yard, lacks the proper facilities, not enough parking, etc.). These relatives and friends offer to buy the home 20%-30% below the selling price with a low-interest mortgage and an extended settlement date, thus offsetting the selling price of the house. The realtor has to submit to the seller all offers made on the home. The low proposals made by relatives and friends will probably all be rejected by the insulted seller. When the seller’s confidence in the home he is selling is diminished, the original buyer comes back to the house to have one more look at the home. Sometimes at this point, the sellers will respond favorably to an offer made by this buyer. The buyer can cause a low bid for the house when the buyer may have his offer accepted.

GET A FREE CADILLAC, MERCEDES, OR OTHER FINE LUXURY CAR EVERY YEAR. Again, you can work this by having your own non-profit church or institute furnish you with a vehicle for church work. Under I.R.S. codes, such cars can also be used for personal affairs. Still, another method is to become an automobile broker for a local dealership. You work out a deal whereby you sell so many cars to your friends. etc., that you are furnished with a NEW car every year in return. I have personally worked this gambit many times.

HOW TO GET A HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN. You may qualify for an improvement loan on your home or apartment building. Any lender participating in the F.H.A. loan insurance program can make applications for such loans. Contact: Federal Housing Administration, Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, Washington, DC 20410.

HOW TO GET FREE MEDICAL & DENTAL CARE. Once you have formed your own non-profit organization, as detailed elsewhere, you merely place in your corporate charter the provision that medical care is paid by the organization of which you are a member. If set up correctly, the organization would obtain its money through donations and grants, which you would actively seek. Thus, medical care is FREE.

HOW TO GET FREE LIFE INSURANCE & PENSION. Again as above, you merely include these benefits in your corporate charter so that YOU, as a member or officer of the organization, receive the free benefits from the organization.

HOW TO GET FREE TRAVEL. Still again, it is possible to appoint yourself as President of your non-profit organization and have the organization supply you with a “free” vehicle with all expenses. If your organization is a church-related corporation, you can travel Europe for free to visit Churches and cathedrals as an example. A Church can raise money by “selling” charters, degrees, and other cheap paper for hundreds of dollars. Many non-profit organizations sell “degrees” and diplomas for upwards of $1,500 each – and it’s legal.

HOW TO BORROW HUGE AMOUNTS OF CASH. Here’s how to borrow up to $50 million if needed. The first step is to organize a “syndicate” or real estate “trust.” Your attorney can help you set these up depending on what you need the money for. Either of these legal entities can sell “stock” or “shares” to the public if your proposed investment is worthwhile. By utilizing the services of a stockbroker and competent accountants. Attorneys. etc., it is possible to attract HUGE amounts of capital for any business proposition you stand to benefit from.

HOW TO ADD $100,000 TO A BUSINESS BALANCE SHEET FOR $50. You can add $100,000 or more to your balance sheet if you already own a business. Set up a corporation in Delaware and add the corporate stock of your new corporation (which can be issued at “no-par” but listed at $100,000 value) on the balance sheet of your business.

HOW TO GET HUNDREDS OF NEW BOOKS FREE. You can receive hundreds, even thousands of new books each year free by becoming a “book reviewer.” Offer to write a column for the local paper for free. Once published, send tear sheets to major Publishers who will add you to their reviewer’s list to mail new books throughout the year.

LIVE IN A $100,000 HOME WITHOUT MONEY. The best way is to become a “house-sitter.” You offer to live in luxury homes while the owners are away vacationing. If you live in a large city, you can probably live all year rent-free by keeping a notebook of clients who need your services to protect their homes from vandals while they are away. If necessary, get yourself bonded.

HOW TO TAKE OVER GOING BUSINESSES. Zero cash is needed if you follow these steps: 1. Look for a business about to go bankrupt and which the owner wishes to get out from under. 2. Offer to pay all the business dents if the owner will sell you the business with “no-money” down. Many owners will be happy to get rid of their headaches and will go along with the idea. 3. Hire a good accountant to evaluate the value of the inventory and equipment in the business – look for a business with many assets concerning the debt. 4. Buy the business for no money down. S. Contact all the business creditors and refinance the debts for as long as possible, try for a reduced settlement. 6. Sell off as much equipment as possible to still get by operating the business, collect old bills, and attract new markets for your product. Streamline the operation, and you can likely turn a profit within a short time.

THE OWNERSHIP OF INEXPENSIVE ALASKAN LAND. The government owns millions of acres of this promising “Land of Tomorrow.’, For more information, contact; Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of Interior, 555 Cordova St., Anchorage, AK 99501.

STATION TO STATION LONG DISTANCE CALLS CAN BE MADE FOR FREE to those businesses that have toll-free numbers. To find this service, dial 1-800-555-1212 (there is no charge for this call).

THERE IS SAFETY IN PATENT NUMBERS. It can cost thousands of dollars in legal fees and other expenses to secure a patent. However, for about $60, an inventor can file a “disclosure document” with the U.S. patent and trademark office. This procedure will protect the patent for 2 years while the patent is being worked on. The document is destroyed if no patent is filed at the end of two years.

HOW TO GET FREE INFORMATION ON HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SUBJECTS. The U.S. Gov’t publishes thousands of books every year on every subject imaginable. If you want some information on a particular topic, write: Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

EARN MONEY CLIPPING NEWSPAPER ARTICLES! Earn money clipping newspaper articles by looking in newspapers for stories on people. Many times the names and addresses are included. Clip out the pieces and write or call the people saying you will laminate the article and send it to them for an agreed amount. You may be able to have the paper laminated locally for a small cost.

HOW TO GET FREE LEGAL AID. Low-income families can get details about free legal aid by writing to: The Office of Economic Opportunities, Legal Services, Washington DC, or if you live in a large city, consult the yellow pages of your phone directory for a local Legal Aid Society.

H0W TO BUY SURPLUS AUTOS, BOATS, AIRPLANES, E.T.C., FOR 2 CENTS ON THE DOLLAR. By buying directly from the U.S. Government, it is often possible to purchase jeeps for as low as$62, trucks (originally costing $10,000) for only $400. Thousands of other surplus items are available, such as typewriters, guns, household & commercial furnishings, machinery, etc. Both new and used merchandise is sold to the general public each year – millions of dollars worth. Get a free periodical and bidders .application from: D.O.D. Surplus Sales, P.O. Box 1370, Battle Creek, MI 49016.

TAX TIPS FOR INVESTORS & ENTREPRENEURS. 1) Set up a corporation: The tax rate on the first $25,000 of retained profits is only 22%. You can set up a medical expense reimbursement plan for yourself without including employees. Your corporation can own and claim depreciation deductions on your car. Even if you’re in business part-time, you can set up a tax-sheltered savings plan. 2) Work a swap of products or services at every opportunity. Both you and the other guy will save a lot in taxes. Neither of you will have as much recorded profit on a swap transaction. Hence less tax. 3) Avoid employees: Have your work done by self-employed, independent contractors and save on Social Security taxes, unemployment taxes, and Workman’s Compensation Insurance. 4) If you carry an inventory, use the L.I.F.O. (Last-in First-out) method of valuing your inventory. Your nondeductible inventory will consist of the oldest items bought before price increases, and you will be deducting the highest-priced materials or merchandise. 5) If you are trying to sell stock or are going to invest in a small corporation, ask your tax advisor about the special “Section 1224 Election.” If the corporation goes under, the investor can deduct up to $50,000 against ordinary income. If it succeeds, he gets a Capital gain when he sells out. 6) to nail down a “capital gain,” you must hold the property for more than six months, not just six months. That one extra day can make a big difference. 7) Keep your eye on the new “Pension Legislation” being worked on in Congress. It’s shaping up as a real bonanza for small business owners. Not only do you save on Federal Income Taxes, but you may save on Social Security taxes, and you will usually save on State or City income taxes. Earnings on pension plan savings can accumulate free of tax until you draw them out. 8) Check with the local Federal Unemployment Office about hiring workers under the W.I.N. Program You can get a tax credit of 20% of a qualified employee’s first year’s wages. It’s an absolute steal. 9) You can accumulate up to $100,000 of profits (after paying a 22% tax on the first $25,000 per year) in a corporation and pay a tax on only half of the accumulated amount (by capital gains route) if you liquidate instead of paying yourself a salary or dividends, This is beautiful pitch for investors in the short term (5-10 years) ventures. 10) When in doubt, DEDUCT. The probability of an audit for small businesses with less than $30.OO0 is very low. Chances are your deduction will go through, and even If it doesn’t, it will only cost you the tax you would have paid plus 6% of that tax. Just be sure you have a valid reason for the deduction. But don’t get caught on fraud charges. It isn’t worth it.

HOW TO BECOME A MONEY BROKER OR MORTGAGE BROKER. The difference between a money broker and a mortgage broker is the mortgage broker deals only in assisting the financing of “mortgages.” The money broker handles many types of financial transactions, possibly including ”mortgage funding.” The only way to get started in either business is to go to your library and learn all you can about banking, monetary sciences, accounting, financing, etc. Once you have a good background and understand the lending business, you are ready to proceed. The first step is to begin developing your own “black book” of names of active lenders who will work with you. Develop a file of LOCAL lenders (within your own state, that is) first. Later, you can move on to the national firms. It is best to get a commission from the LENDER and the borrowers if you can. Next, have some informs or agreements drawn up by yourself or your lawyer detailing in simple terms that your client (borrower) will pay you a certain fee if you help him obtain his financing. Then get a business license, run your ads, and you’re in business. There will never be any problem in finding borrowers. However, there will be a screening process to eliminate those firms & individuals who have no chance of obtaining a loan. You can take down information over the phone or by mail on a form concerning the assets, liabilities, sales, and other essential information needed, such as the purpose for the loan, etc., and the borrower’s financial history. Stay in contact with your lenders if a good prospective borrower comes up. You’ll soon be making money – real money (It is not unusual for a beginner to make $40,000 net his first year even operating part-time.

HOW TO VANISH AND START OVER AGAIN UNDER A NEW IDENTITY. Many people change their identity each year for various reasons, sometimes legal, sometimes for illegal reasons. The idea is to obtain a “”birth certificate”” of a deceased individual who would have been approximate age, hair color, eye color, etc., had they lived. Preferably, this should be the name of a child, not an infant, at least one year old when he died, and no later than 5 years old if possible. Search through the death records at your local county or state courthouse. The death records will tell you the parents’ names and other information needed to apply for (your) birth certificate. Once you obtain the birth certificate, you can obtain any other “”official”” documents almost at will.

HOW TO RAISE UP TO $50,000 WITH YOUR CREDIT CARDS. Millions of people have an assortment of credit cards in today’s almost “”Cashless”” society. With many bank credit cards and even department store cards, it is possible to apply under the “”same name”” and obtain two or more identical cards bearing only different account numbers. Given the high limits on cards such as American Express ($20,000) and others, it is a simple procedure to raise up to $50,000 by utilizing 30 to 40 cards or less if you use American Express. With the bank cards, you simply obtain a “”cash advance”” up to your credit limit with American Express & Carte Blanc cards. You can charge merchandise such as gold coins and turn around and sell it at a discount to your friends, neighbors, etc. With enough cards, you can quickly turn any amount of dismounted “”merchandise”” into cash.

HOW TO BUY A NEW CAR FOR $50 OVER DEALER COST. You can purchase your next car with the exact optional equipment you want and pick the car up at your local dealer; YET, you will only pay as little as $50 over the dealer cost. The car will be completely guaranteed and serviced just as if you had paid the full retail price. No strings. How? By buying through a reputable new car broker. Here’sHere’s a list of some major ones. They will be happy to furnish you with complete information.
United Auto Brokers, 1603 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn, NY 12207
United Buying Service, 1855 Broadway, New York, NY 10023
D&J Enterprises, 130 Scotts Dr., Holland, MI 49423
Masterson Auto Sales, 1957 Chestnut, San Francisco, CA 94123 Nationwide Auto Sales, 3605 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90800

HOW TO TRAVEL ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FREE – 2 WAYS. You can travel anywhere in the world and stay free in private homes or luxury hotels. How? By one or both of the following methods: 1) Join a Cooperative Exchange & Travel Club (listed below) for as little as $5 as a travel club member, you receive a list of as many as 5,000 names & addresses from all over the U.S. and the world. Only members receive the list. As a member, you offer your home as a stopping point for compatible people when it is convenient for you. In return, you can stay for free in any of over 5,000 homes throughout the world. Most of the people who belong to these clubs are interesting, adventurous, and fun-loving. On your next vacation, enjoy the personal contact of staying in someone else’s home. See the world on a shoestring and enjoy! Write to the following clubs for complete details:
Traveler’sTraveler’s Directory, Box 2547, 537 Church St., Lancaster, PA 17604
Vacation Exchange-Club, 119 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10000
Holiday Home Exchange, Box 555, Grants, NM 87020
Worldwide Vacation Homes, 5264 Proctor Rd., Castro Valley, CA 94546
Method 2) Become an “”outside agent”” for a travel agency. A tour guide or coordinator for group tours. Go to a large travel agency and contract with them for a free trip (all expenses paid) in exchange for your securing 20 to 30 people to go with you on a group tour.

AMAZING PROSPERITY PLAN. Make extra money by running the following ad over your name: “”Amazing Prosperity Plan … pays eight ways – all profit. Rush $1 for your copy today (your name & address).”” Fill orders with a copy of this same plan or advertise the following: “”Receive $250 from $4 investment. Method & sample $1 (your name & address).” Or “Receive $1,000 from $12 investment. Method & sample $1 (your name & address).” Fill order with the following information: 250 copies of this can be bought for $4 and sold f, or $1 each ($250), or 1,000 copies of this can be bought for $12 and sold for $1 each ($1,000). Order Copies from Business Success Enterprises, 25 Sunny Glenway No. 119, Don Hills, Ontario. Canada M3C 2Z5. Here’sHere’s $2 to $10 ALL-PROFIT deal-a a Run the following 18-word ad over your name: “”Choice Mailing List. 1141 prospects wanting money-making offers 1 cent each. Minimum order – 100 ($1) All 1141 – $10 (your name & address).” B&N (address below) fills orders free for stamped envelopes addressed to your customer for every 200 names. Be sure and state how many names were ordered. Another all profit ad: “Name of the company that will put you,u in business for only one paper $1. Dignified work no ringing doorbells. Information – 25 cents (your name & address) “”Answer: Send $1 to B & N, Box 1663, Newport Beach, CA 92663 and ask for complete mail-order business that requires no further supplies. For 50 of these plans, send $1 to B & N, Box 1663, Newport Beach, CA 92663.

HOW TO GET FREE ADVERTISING. There are copies of this report being sold today in which the author explains that free advertising may be obtained by sending your ads into different mail order publications and telling the publisher that you will mail “”X”” number of copies of his magazine if he prints your ad. This plan is fine if you are a mailer and if the publisher is having circulation problems. However, the plan you have just purchased is better and more certain because you need not be a mailer nor depend upon the generosity of the magazine publisher. Sandco Publications, 3414 Ninth, Ceres, CA 95307 will print for you absolutely free, 1000 each of your best 3×6 circular, and your best 8.5 x 11 circular, when you purchase 1000 of their “”All our Offers”” commission circulars at just $14.95. This is in itself FREE ADVERTISING, but there’s an added bonus. The commission circular is made up of dozens of ads offering valuable information and services that people buy and on which you make 50%. The orders you get back from these ads will more than pay back your original investment. THIS IS FREE ADVERTISING. Before ordering, check with the firm to see if this price is still in effect as inflation makes a firm price difficult to maintain.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A COMMISSION CIRCULAR MAILER. There are many mail order publications that will list your name in this directory: “”COMMISSION CIRCULARS WANTED.”” List your name under this classification, and dealers will mail bundles of circulars to you with a blank space at the bottom of the ad in which you stamp your name. You mail these out, and the ads “”appear”” to be your own. You receive money for whatever is advertised on the circular. You keep 50%, and the dealer who sent you the circulars will fill the orders for the other half. The idea is .. NEVER ever mail out a single circular by itself. Mail as many as you can of the different circulars. Stuff your envelope FULL. The more you mail out to one customer, the more likely you’ll make a sale. Make no mistake about it; they do read these circulars. Next, run ads in different magazines saying you mail circulars for others. Charge whatever you feel is fair, but the standard rate at this time is $20 per thousand 8xll circulars mailed. Always in your ads, mention that “”We mail commission circulars FREE.”” Whichever part of the ad the reader responds to, you make money. It is possible to run this business into a full-time job and make $I5,000 to $20,000 a year. The best plan is to follow up and keep growing. Take on new commission circulars, test them. Keep the ones that pull; omit the ones that don’t pull. Before you know it, you’ll graduate from a part-time mailer to a full-time mailer.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR OWN AD SHEETS. Usually, ad- sheets are started by the publisher cutting ads from other magazines and making his paste-up with these “”freebies.”” The beginner then mails his ad sheet to these dealers and asks them to re-run their ads with him a “”X”” number of dollars per column inch. This is a risky beginning because many dealers will not buy additional ad space for one reason or another. DOMAR ENTERPRISES, Box 581, Laurel, MD 20810 has a method for starting ad sheets that is almost 100% risk-free. They will send a full page of all profit ads that don’t cost you (ones that pay 100% commission), and you are to run these ads over your name in the first edition Of Your ad sheet. As paid ads come in, you simply replace the 100% ads with the paid ads. Until you get paid ads, you continue making money whether you get paid to advertise or not. Moreover, THIS SAME COMPANY will actually design your master ad FREE if you will run their 3×6 ad in your first edition. Thus you make money off their ads, and you get a professionally designed sheet free.

THE $50 PER THOUSAND ADVERTISING PLAN. This is a woman’s true story concerning the addressing of envelopes at home in her spare time for $50 per thousand. Mrs. R. realized that straight addressing work only produces $8 to $15 per 1000 decided to work out an original plan, and this is how she worked it: While searching for the idea, she noticed that local firms were tieing in some of their special offers with birthdays & marriages (in other words, they were mailing their offer to customers or prospects in these two fields). This plan intrigued Mrs. R., and she interviewed one store manager about the subject and learned that an elaborate filing system was necessary in order to mail their special offers to folks having birthdays or just married or even having anniversaries, to say nothing of the blessed events. She also learned that this particular store was quite willing to shift the filing and mailing burden onto someone else’s shoulder. So here was a ready-made service for. Mrs. R. She offered a service to this store and to others in which she would agree to furnish the names of such people, in fact keeping file cards on each of the names collected, to stuff the firm’s envelopes with their circulars and mail them out. She set a modest price of 5 cents per name; the store furnished all circulars, envelops, and stamps for each mailing. Since these mailings were costing 12 to 16 cents per mail package, her services & fee seemed most attractive. By specializing in this one field, she could do it at a lower price than the stores could do it themselves. Other stores were eager to take advantage of the service, and she soon had a growing business.

RICHES FROM YOUR RUBBER STAMP. A good income can be a reality for anyone owning a rubber stamp. The only additional items needed are envelopes, postage stamps, & a few commission circulars. The ribber stamp is the only one of the above items you need to pay for. The envelopes, postage stamps, and circulars can be obtained FREE. Many small operators are earning a comfortable living as commission mailers. The tricks of the trade are rather involved, but I’ll give you all the basic information you’ll need to start a profitable business. Hundreds of supply houses are constantly looking for people to mail their circulars for them. In most cases, these people will send you all the circulars you need – for FREE. However, they need to know that you are in business or they cannot send circulars to you. Start your commission mailing business by running this short classified ad in as many sheets and magazines as your investment will allow: “”Commission circulars mailed free. Must pay me 50% or more. Send postage paid; (your name & address).” ” The above ad will bring plenty of free imprint circulars to you. As they come in, insert one of the circulars from each batch into a notebook and list the source of the items and the address – to avoid confusion when filling any future orders. While waiting for your first package of circulars to arrive e, place the following small ad in as many sheets as you can afford, offering a big mail for free: “”Free Big Mail! Return this ad with self-addressed, stamped envelope (your name and address).” ” The above ad will bring free stamps and envelopes to you. The people who answer this type of ad are interested in seeing what you have to offer and are usually excellent prospects. In the beginning, you will probably mail no more than 100 envelopes per month. As your income grows, you can expand your monthly mailings. Some commission mailers mail thousands of pieces per month.

HOW TO COPYRIGHT ANY PUBLICATION WITHOUT COST. To establish copyright, you must simply print the below notice, either on the cover or the page immediately following the cover in your book, report, etc. Here it is (c) 1983 John Doe or copyright 1983 John Doe. Most people do not know that you are NOT required to register the copyright with the copyright office, but if you do wish to register it, write to them for the necessary application form. You then submit two copies of the publication along with the application form for each copyright. For necessary forms and additional information, write Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A USED CAR. Examine the framework (Chassis), engine block, and supports for cracks and welding. If cracks or welds are obvious, the car should be passed up. Listen for noises in the motor. Make sure wheels are in alignment. Light or heavy bangs or knocks may be due to poor valve adjustment or loose bearings, worn pistons, carbon deposits, or that the spark is too far. Uneven running of the motor may mean distributor trouble, poor spark plugs, or improper timing. If the clutch facing is worn, you will experience a jerky starting, or the engine may race when going up a grade without showing sufficient power. If while driving you to hear a bang in the rear end, it may be due to a broken tooth in the master or pinion gear in the differential. This will eventually cause more teeth to break and finally stop the car. A broken bearing in the rear wheel is indicated by a heavy thump in the wheel while driving. The steering post can be tested by turning it two inches in either direction. If the wheels do not turn within this space, the steering worms may be worn, or there are loose steering connections. Examine the spring leaves beneath the car to see that none are broken. Make sure the battery is charged and that the generator is charging. The cooling system, including the radiator hose and water pump, should be examined carefully for leaks. Road test the car at various speeds to see if the motor runs hot. If a sharp click is heard on starting off, and then the noise stops, it may indicate worn universal joints. Check up on this by starting, stopping, and reversing. If, upon pressing on the starter, only a whirring sound is heard, it may indicate a broken tooth on the flywheel or that a mesh gear is stuck.

HOW TO CO-PUBLISH FOR MAXIMUM PROFITS. There are many fine trade magazines and ad sheets that you may co-publish in the mail-order business. Some of the better ones are Mail Sale Advertiser, Mail Order Bulletin, Popular Advertiser, The Enterpriser, and Easy Chair Shopper. These trade publications are “”in-print”” quickly, no long waiting for your ad to appear. They reach an amazing number of small homeworkers and opportunity seekers. If your product or service appeals to these readers, the rates are right. The prime reasons for using these magazines are 1) We get a 5O% discount on our advertising after the first time in exchange for mailing a few copies. 2) We earn a 50% commission on all new co-publishers and advertisers that we get for the publisher. Of course, we hope to do some business from our own advertising also. How does the system work? After you place your advertising at the first-time rate, you will receive a discount on all future advertising as long as you continue to co-publish that magazine. That discount on your ads and a commission on the others is usually 50%. In return for the discount, you are expected to mail a few copies – honestly. Include the copies in orders that you fill, big mails, or advertise them free for the postage. Using these methods, your register the copyright with the copyright office, but if you do wish to register it, write to them for the necessary application form. You then submit two copies of the publication along with the application form for each copyright. For necessary forms and additional information, write Register of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, DC 20559.

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