Google ended unlimited storage policy for all workspace plans on 23 January 2023. No more free unlimited or large storage in Google Drive.

List of Google Drive Unlimited Storage Alternatives:

a. Msft 365 E5:


  • Blockchain-based decentralized storage
  • E2E encryption
  • 150GB monthly upload limit
  • No limit on total storage

c. LinkBox:

  • Up to 50GB permanent storage
  • No bandwidth limit
  • API support

d. GoFile:

  • Unlimited storage
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Full API support
  • Public sharing with no download limit
  • Fake download request to increase file validity

e. TeraBox:

  • Up to 1TB free storage
  • Increase limits with in-app activities
  • Public sharing (requires TeraBox account for access)
  • Commission for sharing files

f. YouTube as storage:

  • ISG Tool for converting files into video format
  • Upload any file type to YouTube
  • Convert video back to original data

g. Deta Space:

This list contains all the alternatives found so far.

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