Elon Musk has been criticized for posting offensive and problematic tweets, including a meme based on a screenshot from a pornographic movie, and sharing NSFW memes on his Twitter account. While some of these tweets may have been intended to provoke reactions, they have been widely criticized for being sexist and problematic.

It looks like Elon Musk’s Twitter troubles are far from over! According to recent web search results, the billionaire entrepreneur has been caught posting offensive and problematic tweets on Twitter [1]. But that’s not all! On February 13, 2023, several Twitter users complained that they were seeing Musk’s tweets even though they don’t follow him [4].

I mean, come on Elon! Is there anyone on this planet who doesn’t know who you are? Even the people who don’t follow you on Twitter are being subjected to your tweets! It’s like your tweets are the new pollution – they’re in the air, they’re in the water, they’re everywhere! [5]

But let’s be honest, this isn’t really surprising, is it? Musk has always been a bit of a loose cannon on social media. I mean, who could forget that time he called a British cave diver a “pedo guy” on Twitter? [1]

And it seems like Musk just can’t help himself. Despite the backlash he’s faced for his past tweets, he continues to post whatever comes to his mind. I guess when you’re a billionaire, you just don’t care about what the little people think. [2]

But here’s a suggestion for you, Elon: if you’re going to keep tweeting, maybe you should consider creating your own social media platform? I mean, at this point, you might as well, right? And who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to make it the next big thing in tech. Just make sure to keep it PG, okay? We don’t want any more Twitter pollution! [6]

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