Spend a good amount of time preparing BEFORE you begin any bulk email project.

Make certain that you are COVERED. If you are going to use a “Bulk email-friendly ISP”, check them out BEFORE you pay them anything. Get referrals. If you want IP Login INVISIBILITY, Contact Us.

We can get you the software, if you need or desire to be able to use any ISP, and not get complaints, or get kicked off. Set up and “email bounce”. Example: In your bulk email, it states that if you want more info, you send an email back to you@youremail.com. But you have your address at set to forward to yet another email address. This can help maintain some of your privacy, while you are able to respond to interested customers from an address that is not associated with your bulk email, so it is not at risk of being cancelled.

Do make sure that you have a target of how many customers you intend to reach. Keep a log of non-deliverables, so you know the percentage of delivered mail; this will help you get sales stats. If you end up with lower sales stats that you projected, perhaps start looking at your ad (your email). Maybe if you change a word or two here and there, it will attract more interest.

Also, make certain that you put a message at the bottom of your email, that goes something like this:

“This message was sent to you in compliance with senate bill ******, which states that any further transmission from the sender of this message may be stopped at anytime, simply by putting the word “REMOVE” in the subject line, and returning it to the sender.

Another effective disclaimer is:

“This message CANNOT be considered spam, since the sender is hereby informing you that if you type “REMOVE” in the subject line, and hit “send”, the sender of this message will gladly remove your email address from the list, and you will receive no further emails.”

While these messages will NOT stop the complaints, there are many anti- spam people who will not make trouble, as long as you have directions on how to remove in your message.

If you want true IP Login invisibility, (meaning that your message will NOT be traceable to your ISP), Contact Us.

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