There are ways to set up an “e-mail bounce” or a “web page bounce”.

If you are familiar with these tactics, you already know that you can use these methods to decrease your chances of losing an e-mail account, ISP, or web page.

An e-mail bounce is one that when someone sends you an e-mail, for instance, to “”, it is automatically routed to another e-mail address of your choice. Of course, when sending bulk e-mail, if the anti-spam activists complain to “” you will lose the ability to have your e-mail automatically forwarded. But at least for a while, it can help protect your real e-mail account from problems.

A web-page bounce is where you have the hits to a specified URL, re-directed to another web page. Of course, if you choose to advertise a web page in your bulk e-mail, this may offer some protection for the web page that your prospects end up at, since the web page that they ended up at was not advertised in your bulk e-mail.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this software does not in any way condone the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail, nor do we suggest in any way to use the services of “” in any manner that is not consistent with’s terms of use agreement. We do however, believe in freedom of speech.

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