Free internet-based e-mail accounts are a good place to have the responses to your bulk e-mail sent to.

Unfortunately, if you use an account such as hotmail or yahoo, even if you have full IP login address and SMTP address invisibility, you will still lose your free e-mail account, if you have any “spam” complaints that are sent to them. And if you send more than just a few bulk e-mails, people WILL complain, that is inevitable. If you are sending e-mails where the response is to visit a website, “call this toll-free number”, or to “send your money here to order this product”, you may choose not to put a return e-mail address for people to respond to. Of course, there are some questions about sacrificing credibility, if you choose not to provide a valid return e-mail address, but you can decide that after considering your individual circumstances and needs.

The best method to make sure that you do not lose positive responses, is to check your e-mail (the one you told your recipients to reply to if interested), and check it at least twice per day, and COPY those positive responses to another internet-based e-mail that is NOT ASSOCIATED with your bulk e-mail activities.

Some of the free internet-based e-mail providers are:


* is most lenient. In 2 separate instances, they did NOT cancel our free e-mail account, after a few complaints. They seem to have more patience than others. But be warned, if any free e-mail accounts get enough complaints, they will cancel your account.

* Using Parsmail, upon losing our account once, we checked to see if we could simply re-create the account – and it WORKED ! I do not know if any other free e-mail account you can do this with.

*, is also very lenient and is worth giving a try.

DISCLAIMER: I do not condone using Parsmail, or any other free e-mail account as a return address to receive responses from unsolicited e-mail (also know as “spam”.)

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