1. Calls:
Call back
call [contact name]

2. Message:
Send a message
Write [contact name] SMS,
Read the last five posts
read all new messages

3. Navigation:
Where I am,
let’s go to the street [name],
get directions to street [name],
went to the address [city name], street [name],
change your work address,
let’s go to work,
I live at street [name], house [number].
let’s go home
traffic jams on the street [name],

4. Places:
nearest [name of points of interest],
where [names of points of interest] in-proximity,
where is the street [name].

6. Reminders:
Remind or remind me [day month hour: minutes], [reminder text],
what are the plans for [day of the month],
immediate plans.

8. Weather:
what the weather will be tomorrow,
Weather in [city name],

9. Yandex news:
Top news,
News [industry name],

11. Applications:
open your browser,
open mail,
open [web address].
turn on | turn off Wi-Fi
turn on | turn off bluetooth

13. Alarm clock:
set the timer for [number] minutes,
set the alarm for [day of the month],
alarm clock on [days] at [so many hours] [morning | evening | day | night],
list of alarms.

14. Yandex translator
translate into English, French, German (text for translation after request)

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