For a long time I have been interested in the issue of marking objects. One could, of course, buy a separate device in a special store, but I wanted, as they say, have a lot of things in one bottle. Smile. And this program is my first I considered the queue as a marker, although with its help it is possible to do something else.

The program is free, available to us, it seems completely. There is not signed buttons, but you can sign them yourself. Yes, here you have to work with pens, creating labels for yourself. Moreover, you must have access to a printer to print them. And the battery runs out from using the camera and flashlight in the evening. But the price of the marker in seven-color flower today 6000 rubles, and here it is free plus unlimited number of tags, which, by the way, can be shared. Generally, everyone chooses for himself.

Everything is recognized perfectly on my phone. The label can be wrapped in scotch tape for its longer preservation, however, the recognition in it takes a little longer. But I I tried it only in glossy scotch tape. I’ll try in matt, maybe there will be better.

After entering the program, there is an unsigned button at the top right. “parameters”. Go there and make the necessary settings, finding there the same name button. Although, there almost everything will be already as it should. To create a QR code, click the “share” button in the same place, and there the button “text”.

An editor will open to enter text. Enter the phrase you want have on the label, for example: “analgin” or “seasoning for chicken”. Slightly above the editor, on the right, under the “parameters” button, there will be an unsigned button for encoding. Click it.

A window will open where you can select some options for saving the file. I while only changing the size, put the smallest. The rest seems to be there is not really necessary.
At the bottom there will be buttons, find among them “save”. Another one will open a window where you can select the file format. It is enough to install it once. We press the last time “save”. The program will inform you that the file is saved in such and such folder.

If you need to make another code, go back one step and enter new text.

Now we drop all the files on the computer and print them on the printer. We ask for the sighted, cut them out to us and pack them in film. The label is ready. To recognize the tag, turn on the program on the phone. The camera turns on right away. Without pressing anything more, we bring the camera to the mark. I keep mine on distance of 15 centimeters. A sound is heard, and the synthesizer says “” notification. “The text that is encrypted on the phone appears on the phone screen. this label.

At the bottom left of the screen is an unsigned “turn on the flashlight” button, and at the top is the “one step back” button. It is convenient to use it if you need to recognize several times in a row. Recognized one label, pressed this button and the camera turned on.

In general, to turn on the camera, the button is called “read” and is located in parameters.

The history can be deleted and something else can be done with it. I don’t remember what anymore. Smile. If anyone needs it, I will write how to get there. There are no buttons either signed.

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