Recommendations for the settings of the assistant Dusya, for non-visual work using talk back. Current Version 1.4.3
Disable all types of activation and activate using the “dusya start” shortcut, or hang the dusya start application on the desktop gesture

How to do this, you can listen to Oleg’s podcast on the apex launcher:

People also successfully activate by shaking, but it depends on the device.
Speak exclusively after the beep.

In the user settings, uncheck the flags: show answers, show the result of recognition, other flags are optional!
I recommend the speech synthesizer google, download the Russian voice package through the speech synthesis settings, google synthesizer settings, it is also better to download the off-line recognition package, in the language and input settings, voice search, voice package management.

In other synthesizers, some commands are not observed, for example, open skype, next song, previous song, pause

In the settings for dusi, functions, navigation, select osmand as the default navigator,
Attention, moving with swipes, that is, swiping, these items do not open, you need to grope them on the left side of the screen and activate them with a double tap

The always fresh version of the osmand navigator can be downloaded from the KSRK website:

Some navigation related commands:
Let’s go to work, Dusya says: “dictate the address”, we dictate this: city street home, you can just say while at work: there is work here, she will save the address in her navigation settings, and then there is no need to dictate the address.

where is the nearest stop, super market, hairdresser, and so on, Dusya tells how many meters it is to her, at what address she is, if she is satisfied: we activate Dusya again and say let’s go, makes a route to osmand

drove the city street house, or significant objects: a zoological park, a museum, a cinema, and so on.

You can change the addresses in the settings of Dusya, functions, navigation, contact addresses and others, or just with a command: change the address of work, Dusya asks for a new address
in the places section, select maps and, if possible, turn them off in the system so that Dusya does not open maps, but simply tells where this or that object is located, in the future, a checkbox may appear: open / do not open

in the section “in contact”, to listen to any music from the Internet, you must enter the login and password from the social network “in contact” and install a DLNA player:

Attention, music search only works with Wi-Fi, it does not work with a mobile network
For notes, you can install Google Keep

In yandex news, uncheck the box with open browser, the rest of the settings are optional

In the RSS mailing section, go to the RSS list, activate the add RSS button, enter the name of the mailing in the first edit field, what you will say
in the second field: the URL of the mailing list itself, you can select the checkbox to read headers only or the whole news.

You can also choose how many news you want to read at once. We command Duse, for example: to read Teflo computer, that is, the name of the mailing list.

Some working RSS mailing lists:

in the application section, you can assign synonyms to applications, for example, to the BubbleUP player – a bagel, and to Blind-Droid Wallet – how much money

In the default search, it is advisable to select Google,

Remote Browser
check the box to connect to the browser,
follow the link:
save it to bookmarks, activate the connect browser button, a window will appear with a code that must be entered into the browser identifier in Dusya’s settings
this needs to be done once, the code will remain the same the next time you open this window, now you can give Dusya various questions, she will open the results of what was found in the browser window on the computer

Examples of some scripts:

Now that we have configured everything, we can save our settings in the point of the same name, and if necessary, we can always restore them from a remote server on any device with the same Google account!

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