1. Health
o Physical fitness: increase fitness, body shape, improve skin, vitality.
o Stop self-destructive behaviors: Eliminate drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse; Stop avoiding dentists and doctors.
  1. Intellectual skills
o Reasoning: Find your logical mistakes and semantic errors.
o Analysis: Learn to ask batter questions.
o Articulation: Learn to express ideas better both orally and in writing.
o Information: Gain knowledge and design your perceptions based on facts.
  1. Emotional skills
o Empathy training: Listen better and increase your sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others
o Determination: Improve your communication of both positive and negative emotions, verbal and non-verbal; expression perceptions; stand up for rights.
o Relate to children in a non-authoritarian way.
o Experiment with relating: Make the opposite of a “natural” tendency; select previously rejected people and tolerate “discomfort”.
o Loneliness tolerance training: Gradually increase periods of self-chosen loneliness.
o Rational-emotive therapy: Integrate feelings, beliefs and actions and understand cognitive (thought) blockages for emotional well-being and effective ways of living.



o Information: You can never know too much. Check out the truth in common sense.
o Freedom from obsessions and behaviors: Challenge the ideas behind these “compulsions”.
o Remove self-destructive inhibitions. Express desires, dreams and longing.
o Experiment: Vary partners (if appropriate), technology, circumstances, ways to start.


  1. Interest and leisure activities  
o Start a long-awaited interest or activity
o Intensify your current hobby.
o Take up a related hobby, sport or occupation.
o Try several new interests or activities – you can of course maybe like one or two of them


  1. Self-management
o Cooking
O Keep home and car in order
O accounting, budgeting and tax


  1. Social skills
o Develop new friendships or increase intimacy, closeness , in old
o Improve skills to socialize with sex or love partners: to meet, initiate, attract, etc.
o Express more affection, see no. 3 above.


  1. Career and income
o Examine the possibility of advancement.
o Check out other positions, salaries, etc.
o Examine possible investments and “extra cracks”


  1. Personal environment
o Evaluate your accommodation and belongings.
o Get rid of things you do not need and get the relevant ones.

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