Activities that you might enjoy as useful things (cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, ironing and sewing).

Exercise (jogging, gym, walking, aerobics, stretching, shadow boxing, skipping rope, yoga, power-lifting).

Food (baking, cooking, barbecuing, cooking gourmet meals, shopping for food).

Games (bridge, checkers, shack, puzzle, monopoly, poker, crossword puzzle).

Artistic activities (drawing comics, drawing, calligraphy, oil painting, watercolor, photography, silkscreen).

Crafts (basket weaving, bookbinding, lace, embroidery, knitting, leather work, sewing clothes).

Humor activities (drawing comics, improvisation games, charades, jokes, telling funny stories).

Martial arts (akido, ju-jitsu, judo, karate, thai-chi, fencing, wrestling).

Outdoor activities (bird watching, gardening, fishing, kayaking, sailing, hunting, hiking, long-distance skating, skiing, rowing, walking).

Perform (dance, ballet, mime, acting, improvisation, modern dance, song).

Personal development (self-help books, courses, lectures, study circles).

Reading (facts, novels, poems).

Scientific activities (eg. anatomy, biology, physics, medicine, zoology, anthropology, psychology, sociology).

Social activities (conversation, conversation, group activities, parties).

Watch (film, theater, sports, circus).

Sports (basketball, golf, gym, football, hockey, dance, tennis, skating, running, volleyball).

Study academic subjects (eg. art history, history, language, mathematics, music).

Crafts and professions (eg. bricklayer, construction worker, carpenter, foreman, factory worker, gardener, mechanic, machinist, policeman).

Express emotions (eg. hitting a pillow, shouting, talking, writing, feeling and expressing good feelings).

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