Suggestions for self-help homework

The following suggestions for homework include both cognitive (thinking) and behavioral (doing) tasks. If you are part of a group, it can be especially effective if all members are active in creating homework assignments. The following are some possibilities:

1. Read a chapter in a book about REBT or CBT.
Fill in two self-help papers. Use the ones you want.
3. Work on never this week, not once, tracking yourself down so that you do not feel well.
4. Work towards total rational self-acceptance this week.
5. Talk to your wife / husband / partner “worried” about the problem.
6. Call two people for a date.
7. Do something nice for your wife / husband / partner.
8. Practice being more determined, in a nice way.
9. Do two things every day that you do not feel like doing – two things that need to be done but that you due to LFT (Low Frustration Tolerance) would usually postpone to the future.
10. Work on staying more relaxed. Write down in an almanac or logbook what you have done to relax: meditation, listening to relaxation bands, self-hypnosis, jogging, swimming, powerlifting, etc.
11. Make a list of other things you can do when you get angry / depressed / restless than drinking.
12. Make a list of other things you can do than drink when you want to party or reward yourself.
13. Go to a party with a friend and practice not drinking.
14. Develop a Big Plan and write it down.
15. Make a list of all your expenses every day.
16. Apologize to your sister — and work to change your behavior.
17. Practice hacking at your behavior and not at yourself.
18. Help yourself to stop getting angry because you “never get what you want.” Make an agreement with your wife / husband / partner: For Saturday, he or she plans the whole day and you will do whatever he or she wants. For Sunday, you plan the whole day and he or she will do whatever you want. He or she will accept your plans. Take responsibility for doing what you want, not for what the other person thinks you want.
19. Make a list of five ways you could make your life more enjoyable.
20. If you have to stay in a job you do not like, make a list of five ways you could make your current job more enjoyable.
21. Practice emphasizing the positive: Tell your child some things he or she did that you appreciate.
22. Set aside time from 5pm to 6pm to worry about the problem. During that hour, do nothing but worry about the problem. All other time stop yourself.
23. Fill in a REBT self-help form (ABC) and submit it.
24. Do something to lift your spirits other than drinking or drugs – for example, climbing a mountain!

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