The Five Principles of Self-Discipline

1) It is easier to face difficult tasks than it is to avoid them.

2) It is more important to do than to do well.

3) Divide large tasks into smaller ones.

4) Analyze what you did correctly and what you did incorrectly.

5) Reward yourself for what you did right and penalize yourself for what you did wrong.

Special Tips

1) Work first, then play.

2) When doing something new, fight the fear of being a “phony.” As you improve, that feeling lessens.

3) Keep company with disciplined people. We tend to imitate those with whom we associate.

4)Tolerate discomfort gracefully. Most learning is stressful.

5) Time your chores: they probably won’t take nearly as long as you imagine.

6) Take advantage of high-energy moods — they won’t last.

7) Burn your bridges: if you make a public commitment to family and friends, you’re more likely to follow through.

8) Make notes — don’t rely on memory.

9)Recite out loud those facts or names you need to remember.

10) Imitate those you admire.

11) Take risks — life without them is safe but boring.

12)Sleep on important decisions. This prevents impulse buying.

13)Practice your skills and exercises on and off all day, such as practicing foreign languages or doing deep knee bends.

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