In order for sighted assistants to work, it is necessary to disable the talkback on the phone. (Talbek) is a program that sounds the interface of the phone itself. To turn off the sound program, you need to go to the menu, settings, special features, and talkback, and turn it off. According to the analogy, it can also be turned on.

Synthesizer speed is selectable: menu, settings, special features, synthesizers.

Now, with regard to directly blind users.
First of all, it is not a small work for mastering a touchscreen phone. Let’s start with a brief description of the device itself.
Almost all phones have 2 mechanical buttons: 1 of them is the volume rocker, and the second is the power button, which is located on the top of the phone itself or on the side on the opposite side from the volume rocker.

At the bottom under the touchscreen along the bottom, there are 3 touch buttons: the left one is the menu, the middle home key, it minimizes all applications and goes to the main screen, the right button closes all open windows one by one, that is, it goes to the main screen sequentially. the menu button on the left is something like a context menu on the computer. In different programs, you can see different items there. If you are on the main screen, then there will be the following menu items: wallpaper, applications, settings, help. The number of items may vary depending on the phone model and the firmware itself.

If you double-click on the middle button, that is, the house, and hold it down on the second press, the taskbar will open where you will see which applications have been used recently or which of them have been minimized.

As for the gestures to move around objects on the screen, there are two ways:

1. Use your finger to slowly explore the screen, and when you find the desired item, you need to quickly double-click on it, like double-clicking on a computer.

2. Waving your finger from left to right, right to left, also from top to bottom and bottom to top. If you reach the desired object while swinging, double-tap anywhere on the screen with your finger.
If you have entered a long list of settings, for example, then in order to scroll through this list you need to put two fingers on the screen and slowly stretch them up the screen, if you need to scroll back, then you need to put two fingers on the screen and stretch them down, this scrolling is accompanied by sound.

There are also programs where you need to switch between tabs or pages, then you need to put two fingers on the screen and wave them to the left, and if you return to the original page, then to the right.

There are 5 main screens in the android system. It is necessary to switch between them by waving two fingers horizontally as between pages. When you boot the phone, you always get to the middle main screen at number 3. If you want to get to the second, then wave two fingers to the right, and if you want to get to the fourth, then wave two fingers to the left.
The clock is on the third screen where if you press twice, the alarm clock will open.

If you want to see the latest actions, that is, missed calls or SMS, then you can go to the notification panel from any screen. To get into this panel, you need to put two fingers at the top of the screen with a distance of half a centimeter between them and pull them down the screen by 5 centimeters. This gesture will not work right away. Even I can’t always get there the first time.

More detailed gestures with which you can still control the phone can be worked out in the touch lesson which is located along the following path: menu, settings, special features, talkback, settings.

There are also such gestures as the finger down to the right, or the finger down and to the right, but these gestures will not work yet, you need to learn a little bit of elementary exercises of walking through objects, scrolling through lists and entering different applications.

The bottom row of shortcuts on the main screen, when switching from the third to others, does not change.
As a rule, it consists from left to right: phone, contacts, messages, browser (I changed your browser to Firefox). Firefox is the same browser only of a different type. Let’s just say it’s Mozilla for a mobile phone.

If you want to make a call, you need to open the phone application, this is the left icon in the bottom row above the menu button. When you find the desired number, you need to double-click on it. when the number is dialed, it is necessary to press the zero cal button under the button, the choice of the sim card will pop up, select the desired one and double-click on it.

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