And there is no longer any need to register a bank card.

Beeline subscribers can pay for any purchases on Google Play from their mobile account.
Select “My Beeline Account” when purchasing and fill your smartphone with great games and applications!

How to make payments to postpaid subscribers

To pay for purchases on Google Play, you need to create a special advance account. Dial the command * 110 * 271 # on your phone and press “call”. A personal advance account with a zero balance will be created for you.

How to top up an advance account

Whichever way you choose to replenish your advance account, the mobile phone number must be indicated in 10-digit format, and the first digit of the code must be replaced with 6.
For example, instead of code 903, enter code 603.

If you have an International number, you must indicate its federal analogue, also changing the first digit of the code to it.

1. In cash at any point of payment acceptance.
Tell the cashier or indicate your mobile phone number in the receipt, following the instructions above.

2. From a bank card – a simple command from the phone.
To make payments, a bank card must be registered. This can be done on the website or by calling the toll-free number 0533. Next, dial * 100 * secret code * payment amount * phone number # on your mobile and press “call”.
Example: * 100 * 1234 * 100 * 6034124060 # call.
Follow the instructions above to enter your phone number.

3. Using a bank card – at ATMs.
When replenishing your account, indicate your mobile number, following the instructions above.

4. Using a single payment card “Beeline”.
Dial the command * 104 * card code * phone number # on your mobile phone and press “call”.
Follow the instructions above to enter your phone number.

How to find out the balance of the advance account

You can clarify the balance of funds on a special advance account by dialing a free command * 222 # and pressing “call”.

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