Found here a way to save only the settings of any application installed on android, then they can be transferred to another device, or just recover from a flash drive.

For those who were waiting for when they would make OSMAND the ability to import export only settings is dedicated: so, the goal is to save the osmand settings.

1. Go to the play market and install the Helium application – App Sync, – backup

2. We also download the script for Windows from the same play market page or already downloaded by me from the link:
Install the script on Windows, installed Helium on the phone from the market,

3. We connect the phone via USB to the computer in the image transfer mode (PTP cameras)
Launching Helium on your phone
It offers to download the script for windows, we have already done this, click ok
Then it says that we need to enable USB debugging, click okay, get into the developer options, where we enable these options and put a checkmark on the USB debugging item.
You can display the developer’s item by tabbing five times by the assembly number of your phone in the “about device” item, you need to make double tabs.
We return to Helium, where something is reported about waiting for the debugger program and only the cancel button is available

4. On the computer, go to the start menu, all programs, ClockworkMod, press the enter on Helium, hurray, the phone tells us that now we can disconnect it from the computer

5. In Helium, select the reservation, then make a gesture back and select osmand from the list of applications, Dusya, that we want up to 10 pieces, you can also make a copy of messages and user dictionaries there.

6. Click the reservation button in the lower right corner, you’re done. The saved settings can now be found in the carbon folder on the internal memory
when connecting usb to the computer, do not forget in the usb parameters of your device, in the notification bar,
change the setting to multimedia. mtp device.
in this case, the configuration files in the folders will be displayed correctly.

7. Now the settings can be transferred to another device or computer. We go into osmand and misbehave, uncheck any checkboxes

8. Launch Helium, and now select restore, internal memory, it will display the detected application settings, put a checkmark on those applications that we want to restore

9. We press the restore button in the lower right corner, and for a few seconds a window appears with a button to restore my data in the same corner, here you need to have time to press it in these seconds, you can’t get there with a swipe, if you didn’t have time to press it, go back to the desktop and then again in Helium to restore, otherwise a recovery error will appear.

10. The program informs about the successful restoration of the settings. We go to osmand or Dusya, and voila, all the checkboxes are in their places,

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