1. Go to the website http://www.openstreetmap.org
2. Follow the link Create an account.
3. Fill in the registration form: e-mail, confirmation e-mail, display name (can be filled in later), password, password confirmation. 4. Register button.
5. On the next page the license agreement is given, you need to check the box “I think …”, click the Accept button.
6. A confirmation of the address should be sent to your e-mail. (the letter comes in Russian)

OpenStreetMap contains objects that exist at the moment – that is, millions of buildings, roads and other terrain features. You are free to mark any details of the surrounding world that interest you.

The map does not include estimates such as ratings, former or hypothetical buildings, or information from copyrighted sources. Unless you have received special permission, do not copy data from any other cards.

An editor is a program or website that can be used to edit a map.

A point is the simplest element of a map, like a restaurant entrance or a separate tree.

A line is a line or curve that connects points, such as a road, stream, lake outline, or building.

A tag is a unit of description for a point or line, such as the name of a restaurant or the speed limit of a particular road.

Example of editing a map

We go to the site and log in there, enter the username and password and press the login button.
Next, click the edit button.
Now we are looking for objects to edit.
In the search field, write the name of the city or town.

Option 2.

If you could not find the desired object through editing, you can exit the edit and try to search this way.
If you could not find the desired object on the map, look for it on Yandex maps, compare both maps and orient yourself on the osm map to draw the necessary objects.
It is best to work with a satellite view.
If we need to mark a street, we find an already marked area next to this street or a part of the street, click on it with the mouse, and on the left side, the edit object header opens. It will say for example a local road. Name. You can enter the name of the street, say.
We mark one-way traffic or not.
You can specify a speed limit.
Road surface asphalt soil, etc.
After everything is done, press the save button.
And then on the left again the save button.
We are looking for an area. Map parks, buildings, lakes and other areal objects.
We select the required element.
We set the place, say the installation of the house, mark the area, mark the corners of the house with lines,
You should get a rectangle.
We select the category of the building for him.
Residential building subcategory.
Address: write the house number.
Next is the name of the street.
You can specify the number of storeys in the building.
Then we press the save button.
And save it again.
Exit edit mode.
The result of our actions should be visible.
To edit, select edit edit using the editor id in the browser.
Thus, you can mark any points of interest, various pedestrian crossings, and so on…

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