Today I dug up an interesting, in my opinion, program for searching and downloading audiobooks via torrent. You install the torrent client separately, but everything is order.

1.The program is called AudioBooksTor The program is fully accessible, convenient and in Russian. Oh, well, yes, of course is free.

Opening it, you find yourself in a long list of books. The newest ones come first. The update is promised once a week.
At the top there are buttons “Genres” and “Search”, where the books by genre, years, and a search by author or title has been implemented. The search is convenient and gives quite a lot of options. Personally, I always use voice search.

Having chosen the book you like, you can read all the detailed information about it: author, title, year of release, size, playing time, bitrate. Also available a short or detailed annotation to the book. Scrolling through this information to the end you you will see the Download and Bookmark buttons. Unfortunately, I could not find where there are these bookmarks with selected books, which in theory can be downloaded later.

By clicking on the “download” button you will be taken to the torrent client window with a request adding uploads. Press “download” again and the download starts in the background mode, and you return to your audiobook.

2. The torrent client that I liked the most is called tTorrent Lite It is very simple, in Russian, made in a smart way, not fancy and completely available.

In the free version, the download speed is limited to 250 kB / sec. If someone is not enough, download paid. Personally, it seemed to me that it swings pretty quickly. Note: By default, the download folder is created in the device memory. I am her I just transferred it to a memory card and reassigned it in the settings. Also configured it to move completed uploads to the folder I have is the root of the Playera Smart audiobook library. But the presence of the latter, as you understand, it is not at all necessary, you can listen to books where you are used to.

In general, this is such a convenient system for lovers of audiobooks. Found a lot interesting, I connected the smart to the charging, so that the battery does not drop out and I shake 10 books in turn. And how the download of each of them ends, is reproduced notification sound.

3. For those who do not want to download, there is a program that allows you to find and listen audiobooks online. True, people write that not always the chosen book or chapter available, sometimes playback is interrupted, and when reopened of the program, it is possible to resume reading only from the beginning of the chapter in which you stopped, but not from where they stopped.

The program is free and available except for unsigned control buttons in the player. Title: Audiobooks – listen online

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