Set up and decided to share info.

There is a plugin for total commander, (LAN (Windows network) Plugin) which allows you to go from your smartphone to shared folders on your computer. we take here: or install directly from total by running the item “add plugins, download from site “, click ok and select” LAN (Windows network) Plugin “.

Further: Install, the item will appear in the total commander on your android device “lan sharing windows”, go into it and open the “new server” item. we give a name to the server, i.e. your computer you will log into, name we give in Latin or in numbers, click ok.

Further, in the item “server name, directory” we write the ip address of your computer, nothing else can be filled in, just uncheck the flag use the wizard password and click ok.

Everything now in the “lan windows sharing” item you have your computer under with the name you gave, open it and see the folders on your computer, then everything is simple, select the file that needs to be copied or move, on the second panel, select where to move or copy, and on the first panel, click the desired action, everything is simple. you can also install programs directly from your computer without copying them those. we go from the smartphone to the computer, select the file and run it.

That’s it!

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